Kinect Star Wars Releasing Christmas 2011

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Kinect's creative director, Kudo Tsunoda has confirmed that the Kinect Star Wars game will be released for Christmas 2011. In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, Tsunoda said:

We have a Kinect Star Wars game coming out for next holiday [Christmas 2011]. I think you could just easily imagine being a Jedi and using Kinect to make you feel you're part of a Star Wars experience, building yourself up into a Jedi. I've seen a bunch of the game and it's super compelling.
He also confirmed that the Kinect Forza game will also see a release in 2011; a game which he described as "the best racing game of this generation of consoles".

Tsunoda also described Kinectimals as his favourite of all of the Kinect games that have released so far :

My favourite game out of all of them right now is Kinectimals. You get to adopt cute little animals - lion cub, tiger cubs.. Out of all the launch titles it's the most technically sophisticated game we have - it uses all the Kinect features. Just like a pet you have in your house, your pet recognises you, and if you spend a lot of time with your pet it's going to react much differently to you than it would with a stranger. With the human recognition system you can really start building unique relationships with characters inside a game because they remember who you are.
We're really looking forward to the release of the Kinect Star Wars game. I'll just have to make sure that my fiancee doesn't get too excited and start waving a rolling pin around...
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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