Prepare for the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Originally announced for an "early October" release, along with plenty of details, Star Wars Battlefront's beta has now been specifically penciled in for October 8th on Xbox One. We'd already covered details on featured game modes and the companion app that will release alongside the beta, but EA have out together a Q&A to cover all angles. Here's a few of the questions with answers we wouldn't have covered already:

How big will the Beta download be?

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the download will be around 7GB. On Origin for PC, the download will be close to 11GB.

Is there a level cap?

The Beta level cap with allow you to advance to level five. Once you hit the level cap you will no longer be able to progress to higher levels, though you will still be able to unlock items in the Beta.

Do my stats and progression carry over to the main game?

Stats and progression will not carry over to the final game or the final companion experience.

How many players does each mode support?

Walker Assault supports up to 40 players, 20 per side, with Drop Zone supporting 16. The Survival Mission can be played by yourself or with a friend via online co-op or local split-screen. Local split-screen is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.
SWBfront Beta Screen

The beta will begin on October 8th and end on October 12th. The full version of Star Wars Battlefront is still scheduled for a November 17th release on Xbox One.
Ashley Woodcock
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