New Wasteland 2 Trailer Emerges

By Joseph C,
The last time we heard about Wasteland 2: Director's Cut was when we brought you the live-action trailer.   Today Brian Fargo, studio head of inXile Entertainment, walks us through some of the choices we’ll make and paths we’ll take in the upcoming release.

The original Wasteland, released in 1988, was the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout series.  Because it is already out on PC, we know Wasteland 2 features the branching storyline and deep character development of modern RPGs like Fallout and combines those traits with the tactical, turned-based action of games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown

According to Brian, “no two experiences will be the same”, because the game reacts to your choices, and things aren’t always black and white.  That said, you play the quintessential ‘good guys’, a squad of new recruits to the Desert Rangers, hired to keep the peace in a post-nuclear-war society.  As you investigate the death of another ranger, you’ll encounter different factions in the wasteland, some even hell-bent on the downfall of the rangers themselves.  Tracking down this threat, you’ll roam from Arizona to California, and the actions you take will affect both the path you travel and the foes you face.  Solutions to problems aren’t always what they seem, as keys aren’t the only way to open a lock, and fighting isn’t the only way to end a standoff.  Factions may become allies or foes depending on how you approach these various decisions.

The video shows one such scenario, where the squad is in the Temple of Titan, attempting to gain passage through.  A direct assault, sneaking through the back via lockpicking, and doing favors for the local faction are all viable paths for making it through to the other side, each with their own outcome.  These are the types of decisions you’ll face in Wasteland 2.  Check out the video below to see this in action.

Wasteland 2 releases on Xbox One and Windows 10 on October 13th in the Americas, and October 16th everywhere else.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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