Res 5: MP 'Versus' mode confirmed

By Elite Hero, 9 years ago
With the launch only hours away (08h: 30m: 24s not that I'm counting). Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 5 will receive a ‘Versus’ mode allowing up to four players to match wits in online battles across two very different game types. Slayer's Rule is a point-based game that challenges players to kill Majinis. In Survivor's Rule, players hunt the most dangerous game, each other! Players can begin the hunt as Chris, Sheva or other secret characters, and choose from either one-on-one or two-versus-two team matches for either of the two gameplay styles.

The ‘Versus’ pack is expected to be ready in around two weeks time and will weigh in it at 400 Microsoft points (not a lot I know but to be charging for DLC so soon after release seems underhanded. I understand that games have deadlines to meet, but just because they could not polish it before release doesn’t mean us gamers should have to pay for it /end rant.)

On a slighlty more positive note, we should also expect some new achievements If the PS3 trophies (see below) are anything to go by, a small consolation I suppose.

PS3 Trophies;
Army of One - Win 30 matches in Slayers.
Eye of the Tiger- Win 30 matches in Survivors.
The Team that slays together - Win 30 matches in Team Slayers.
We Will Survive - Win 30 matches in Team Survivors.
Keep the good times rolling - Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers.
It takes two to tango - Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers.
It's all about the points - Score at least 40,000 points in Survivors.
There is no "I" in team - Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors.
Let's get this party started! - Unlock all selectable characters in Versus.
Bring the Pain - Defeat 100 players using physical attacks in Versus.