Trio of Videos for Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
Last time we heard about Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, we brought you some screens and artwork for four of the playable characters as well as a video.  Today, another trio of trailers has been released.  Unfortunately, they’re all in Japanese without subtitles.  The first video is an action-focused blitz of various fight scenes where the characters use multiple weapons, from long swords, to dual short blades, to bows to take out large groups of enemies. 

The next two videos slow things down a bit, for a more close-up portrait of two of the game’s playable characters.  These two aren’t any of the ones showcased in that previous article, meaning the stable of playable characters has grown once again.

Arsland: Warriors of Legend is still planned for an early 2016 release on Xbox One.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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