Hitman Gets A New Release Date

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
When HITMAN was originally announced, there was an understandable confusion with content-delivery structure, given that the developers stated from the outset that the title is meant to be an ongoing experience with live events and such.  Would players get access to the live events for a limited time?  Would they be pay-as-you go?  Today Io-Interactive has given a full breakdown of the pricing structure, including a newer low-priced test-the-waters package for those not sure if they want the full experience. 

For those that want it all, you can purchase the full experience package for $59.99US, which allows access to all content, all live events, and (for PS4 and PC users only, sorry Xbox) access to the beta.  At fans’ request, Io-Interactive has created the Intro Pack for $34.99 US, which includes all content at launch, including Live Events and Contracts for any locations available at launch.  This package does not include future access to new locations, new contracts, or new Live Events for said locations/contracts, but works for anyone wishing to try the game at launch without committing to something they may or may not lose interest in as the weeks progress. 

If you choose to start with the Intro Pack, you can purchase an Upgrade at any point to gain access to everything included in the full-access $59.99 package.  This works out to an extra $5 if you wish to test the waters before opting-in to the whole shebang.   Rather than a wall-of-text detailing exactly what will be included at launch and what will be future additions, we have a handy info-graphic below with the details.


After an unfortunate but common delay, Hitman now has a launch date of March 11th, 2016.  At launch it will only be available digitally, with a retail release planned for later in 2016.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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