ARK: Survival Evolved Shows Off New Biomes

By Lexley Ford,
This week saw the Mac and PC versions of ARK: Survival Evolved receive a new patch that included two massive new biomes for players to explore; the “Swamp” and “Snow” regions. The "Swamp" area is home to a plethora of prehistoric snakes, alligators, bugs, piranhas, and the "Beezlebufo", a gigantic frog that, when tamed, can be used to leap over obstacles. The "Snow" zone will require players to wear bulky fur armour in order to insulate themselves from the subzero temperatures. Survivors will also need to watch out for vicious Dire Wolves. These Dire Wolves can, of course, be tamed and used as an incredibly fast mount; this can be useful for hunting down the elegant Megaloceros, or "Stags", that also call the region home.

While the console versions of the title are still some time away from release, this newly released trailer gives us the perfect opportunity to see these new areas in action.

ARK: Survival Evolved Biomes 1

ARK: Survival Evolved Biomes 2

ARK: Survival Evolved Biomes 3

Ark: Survival Evolved will be released on the Xbox One and Windows 10 in June 2016. The game will also be available early through the Game Preview program.

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Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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