Monthly and Yearly Period Summaries

By Matthew Felton, 2 years ago
It’s been a common sight on the first of the month for many years now – gamers posting their score summary for the previous month in their status.

Friend Feed statsFriend Feed stats

More Friend Feed statsMore Friend Feed stats

I think we get the picture...I think we get the picture...

We thought it would be good to allow this to be automated and (of course) improved upon!

So today we bring you Gamer Period Summaries

Because box art makes everything betterBecause box art makes everything better

This is available from the Stats part of your gamer menu and will default to the last month you scored anything.

You can choose the period from the dropdown, it will include any month or year that you scored anything in. We’ll then collate your gameplay for the period, including the games you played, best achievements, and even how you ranked amongst your friends!

Games, achievements, a friend leaderboard (friends not included) and more!Games, achievements, a friend leaderboard (friends not included) and more!

Bar graph breakdownBar graph breakdown

You can share these stats to your feed in the first 3 days of the following month, or anywhere else at any time you like – they will link directly into the appropriate time period.

The future has arrived!The future has arrived!

In the coming days we will also be powering up the TA printing press to bring you a slice of these stats each month directly to your inbox.

Top games, achievements and more delivered fresh each monthTop games, achievements and more delivered fresh each month

As always if it gets a bit much you can hide the summary posts from your Friend Feed in your Site Settings and will also be able to customise your email settings over in the notifications section of the same page.

We hope you enjoy this and if there’s anything else you’d like to see on the summary then please let us know!

Matthew Felton
Written by Matthew Felton
Matt has been working for TA since June 2014. When he's not playing video games he likes good books, bad movies, and cheap wine.