A New SMITE Patch Video

By Andy Mills, 2 years ago
There's a new patch on the way for SMITE on Xbox One, so Scott "Gandhi" Lussier is in this latest video to give you the lowdown on what changes and additions Hi-Rez have been making to the game.

For those that can't watch the video at the moment for whatever reason, here's a quick rundown:

- Odyssey 2016 in honour of Smite World Championships, and will be a 14 week long event, with a new piece of content releasing each week
- Kuku Kukulkan skin
- a new God, Xing Tian
- updates to spectator mode including being able to see the God Select screen, ability to change team names and overall performance updates
- updated jungle practice
- new training map, which will provide bonus favour and XP upon completion
- more new skins including Ragnarok Fenrir and Daimyodin Odin
- stance dance improvements including lag reduction
These changes should be rolling out on SMITE soon, if they haven't already.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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