TA@EGX - 47 Minutes With Hitman

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
While Square Enix were present at EGX, their only playable title was Just Cause 3. However, that didn't stop them doing presentations on a couple of other titles, one of which was HITMAN.

The best bits from each of the previous Hitman games have been implemented into the latest title, such as the large sandbox levels and the ability to save at any time from Hitman Blood Money, or the graphics and controls from Hitman Absolution. On every level of the game, players will be faced with a sandbox environment where "every NPC has a name and every room has a purpose". Developer IO Interactive demonstrated a thorough flyover of the Showstopper mission that was originally shown at the end of August. Take a look at all of your options in the presentation below. Skip to the 4:40 mark if you want to just see the flyover.

The developer also brought the voice of Agent 47, David Bateson, to the show. Find out how his role has changed over 15 years of Hitman games and check out his answers to a variety of audience questions.

After the game was delayed just two days before the start of EGX, we'll now have to wait until March 11th, 2016 to get our hands on the Showstopper mission. At least we'll have over five months to devise the perfect plan of attack.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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