Wake Up to the First Episode of Caffeine

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Findings from an actual study in 2012 suggested that the coffee bean could become extinct by the year 2080. Whether or not that will happen, most of us will not be around to live in a world without the caffeinated beverage and will continue to enjoy our lattes, mochas, and faithful morning pick-me-ups in our cups for years to come. Unfortunately, Incandescent Imaging's Caffeine puts that realization to the test and they will be ready to release the first episode of the highly anticipated, sequestered, psychological thriller very soon. Take a look at the ominous episode one teaser that was just released.

You may want to think twice before having that second cup of joe. Caffeine Episode One officially releases on Xbox One towards the end of 2015. Note that the release date at the end of the teaser trailer refers to the PC release coming next week.
Written by Fierce
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