First Person Survival Horror Syndrome Announced

By Fierce, 3 years ago
Combine the feelings of isolation and stealth from a title like Alien: Isolation with the frantic horror of bizarre creatures incessantly terrorizing you through the dark like they do in the Dead Space titles and you'll have something like Camel 101's Syndrome.
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You awake from cryosleep on a spaceship alone; you realize your crew is lost only to discover that most are dead and the ones that aren't have changed and are probably a threat. Your goal is to survive and defend yourself when necessary. Weapons are scarce and stealth is often times the only way past horrific monstrosities. According to the developers here are some of the main features of this upcoming title:
·Claustrophobic horror -Countless threats, both physical and psychological, await inside the ship.
·Fight or flee -Use weapons and ammo wisely, as they are in limited supply.
·Eerie exploration -There’s plenty to discover if you take a moment to search your surroundings.
·Nothing is what it seems -It’s up to you to find out what’s really going on aboard the ship.
·Reactive enemies -Cause a stir or make some noise and they’ll pick up on your location.
·Oculus Rift support -Experience total immersion with Syndrome in VR.
The announcement trailer shows some gameplay footage and doesn't hold back in showing the suspense you will get to experience.

Based on the images provided, there will be dark hallways, immense rooms, and a very detailed spaceship you'll need to traverse through in order to survive.
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Chances are you will develop your own syndrome of sleep deprivation once Syndrome releases Q2 of 2016 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

We've got the full list of Syndrome achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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