TA@EGX - Worms WMD Interview

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
Team 17 may well be getting more of a reputation as a publisher nowadays, but that doesn't mean that they have stopped developing titles too. In fact, one of their most popular franchises, Worms will soon be getting a new title that will be coming to both Xbox One and Windows 10. Worms WMD was one of the games that Team 17 brought to EGX for gamers to try out.

Many of the favourite weapons return, including the faithful Bazooka and the Concrete Donkey, but there are new features too, such as vehicles and buildings into which players can enter. The only vehicle that was available during our hands on preview was the tank, which sends out a salvo of rockets when fired. Players can move the vehicles around the map and the worm remains inside the vehicle at the end of the player's turn. The vehicles offer extra protection from enemy attacks but they're not indestructible. Like the worms themselves, vehicles only have a certain amount of health points before they are destroyed too. If another worm tries to enter a vehicle that is already occupied, the previous player will be ejected and the current player can use the vehicle instead. However, vehicles can't be used to run over other players.

After a close match that only ended with suicide by a poorly aimed Banana Bomb, we sat down with Team 17 to discuss the upcoming title.


Players can now enter buildings. How does this change battle tactics?

One new feature that is on show at the moment is buildings. Before, players could only get on top of the landscape. We wanted to do it so that players could go inside the buildings. They have a front to them and when you go inside, the front disappears. Your opponent can't see inside the building unless he's inside it as well. That adds an extra dimension to gameplay so that you can hide in buildings. It's more close quarters combat inside buildings. You can use them to create a tactical advantage.

What new vehicles will we see? Is there more than just the tank?

The tank is the only one that we're revealing at the moment but there are definitely more vehicles. We'll be revealing those in the near future.

What about new weapons?

Yes. In the demo we've only got the classic weapons, so we have no new weapons on show. However, there will be new weapons mixed in with the old fan favourites.

Another new feature is the static mounted guns. We've only showcased the machine gun in the demo but there will be lots of different mounted guns, as well, that we'll be revealing later.

Screenshot 1

Will we see the return of the class system?

There won't be a class system in WMD. We wanted to get back to basics with the worms. We've done the four classes of worms in previous games, but we felt that we wanted to have a more even playing field so every worm is just a soldier.

Why has the game returned to the hand drawn landscapes?

We wanted to recapture the feel of Worms 2: Armageddon as Armageddon is the fan favourite. We took the decision to go back to 2D but then we wanted it to have a modern, fresh feel as well. In the older games like Armageddon, the landscape would draw a line and then fill it in with a tile and texture, but we wanted WMD to look quite modern. We've developed a new landscape system that can still randomly generate thousands of different combinations of landscape but create it out of hand painted pieces instead. We just thought that combining the 2D with this modern approach in the artstyle would really create the feeling of Armageddon and the old Worms games -- the fan favourites.

Is there anything that has changed since the start of development, such as ideas that had to be scrapped or new, amazing ideas that just had to be added in?

There's nothing that we've had to take out so far but we're still in the middle of development. All of the new features that we wanted to include have been put into the game; these will be revealed in time.

The game will include an extensive single player campaign, as well as local multiplayer for up to four players and the hallmark Worms online multiplayer. You can look forward to all of this when Worms WMD releases early next year.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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