TA@EGX - Rebooting Homefront: The Revolution

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
When Crytek started experiencing financial difficulties in July 2014, many people feared for the future of Homefront: The Revolution. Then publisher Deep Silver came riding to the rescue, acquiring the IP and leaving development duties with the renamed Dambuster Studios. After a few delays, the game now looks set to be released next year, but the road to that stage hasn't always run smooth. C.J. Kershner, Senior Narrative Designer, and Community Manager Craig Turner appeared on stage to explain how, despite a name change, the people at Dambuster who are currently working on the title are the same people that worked on the game while it was being developed at Crytek UK.

The team has since rebooted the franchise away from the linear corridor shooter that players will remember from Homefront. The game is now open world and is split up into zones. Green zones are in their original state, and they usually contain the most popular Philadelphia landmarks. They are heavily guarded by the KPA. Yellow zones are occupied by civilians, but there is a lot of surveillance and security measures to prevent disorder. Then there are the Red zones that are heavily bombed areas of the city, off limits to everybody but the KPA.

This was then followed by a more thorough walkthrough of the gameplay demo that was seen at Gamescom. Skip to 6:55 to watch the gameplay footage in the presentation below:

You'll be able to get your hands on Homefront: The Revolution and see if you can blow a vehicle over a building when the game is released next spring.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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