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By Ashley Woodcock,
A set of new screens has been released for the now available Battle Islands, the free-to-play real time strategy title from DR Studios. For those of you who have already downloaded the game and have got to grips with the different characters and vehicles, you may not need to check out these new screens that come in the form of postcards followed by details for a character and different vehicles showcased on each.

The Ranger

Battle Islands Screens 2

Meet the Ranger, Leadership is his skill, boosting moral of your foot soldiers for a whopping 10% boost to damage. Direct him with an order and he will follow it with perfect precision, The ideal leader to storm the beaches!
Heavy Gunboat

Battle Islands Screens 01

Meet the Heavy Gunboat. This heavier alternative of the tried and tested gunboat is fitted with a stronger arsenal of weapons at the expense of some maneuverability and training time, rip through the enemy's sea defenses with this heavy sea worthy weapon!
Motorcycle Unit

Battle Islands Screens 4

Meet the new Motorcycle unit, it is able to quickly assault the enemy supplies tearing through barricades with deadly precision!
Escort Fighter

Battle Islands Screens 3

Meet the Escort Fighter - This alternative fighter, flies slower and has heavier armour to aid in escorting bombers as they make their final approach to the enemy!
Those who download and play the Xbox One version of Battle Island will gain access to exclusive content. An exclusive mode - Ranger Mode - will be available for players to dive into and take direct control of their units. This will allow players to take control of the Ranger and fight alongside the troops in the battle. New units will also be available exclusively to the Xbox One as players can get to grips with the "Escort Fighter Plane, Motorbike & Sidecar and Heavy Gunboat." Lastly, a new feature called "Divisions" will be available and will see players square off against "similarly ranked opponents" and compete for a weekly top spot that gives participants the chance to win juicy Supply Bonuses.

In this developer diary, which was released on the title's release day, Craig Moore, the game's designer, gives us more details on how the team has used the Xbox One technology to make the title a fresh experience. Craig also details the exclusive content available.

Lastly, check out the UK TV advert that gives a brief overview of the action in store and hopefully helped boost downloads for the free-to-play title.

Battle Islands is available to download on the Xbox One for free.

We've got the full list of Battle Islands achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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