SEGA Tries to Save Real Hedgehogs

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
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You could say that SEGA have recently done enough for hedgehogs by releasing Sonic 4: Episode 1 and breathing fresh life into the franchise. Well it seems not, as SEGA are intent on making motorists aware of the creatures plight and their decreasing numbers.

SEGA created a hedgehog road crossing in Twickenham, London, according to the Daily Mail - and employed a lollipop lady to ensure the animals waddled safely from one side to the other.

SEGA's Anna Downing said:
"Hedgehogs are an intrinsic part of British wildlife and with Sonic the Hedgehog such an institution we thought he was the perfect figure to raise awareness of their plight."
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Hedgehog handler Trevor Smith said:
"Our hedgehogs had great fun ruling the roads for the day with the hedgehog crossing and it will hopefully encourage everyone to do their bit in helping the hedgehogs of Britain stick around for years to come."
The cynical amongst us will point out that this has only been done to create PR for SEGA and Sonic, but if anything can be done to help promote the conservation of wildlife, then I'm all for it.