Ark Introduces The Mososaurus And Baby Dinos

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
ARK: Survival Evolved has had its fair share of coverage, the most recent being an introduction to the Quetzalcoatlus.  Their latest creature-feature is a spotlight on the king of the deep-sea lizards, the Mosasaurus Suspirita.   Although the journal-esque pages flash by only briefly in the video below, you can pause it to learn that the Mosasaurus, like a whale, is able to hold its breath for extremely long periods of time, allowing it to spend the bulk of its time patrolling the deep waters off the coast of the game’s island.  Judging from the video, this bad boy is so large that you can build a base, or at the very least some sort of mobile attack platform, on its back. 

We also get a glimpse of  what looks to be a baby Tricerotops, or similar species, at the end of the video and a picture of some more baby-dinos in the field.  Check out the video and pictures below to see the fearsome deep diver and cuddly baby dinos for yourself.



Added to this introduction to the large aquatic lizard, we have news that the game’s breeding will feature genetic recombination aspects.  Think of the selective breeding that champion horse-husbandry programs do to raise faster, stronger horses with more endurance.  In Ark you can selectively breed dinosaurs to create bigger, stronger, faster killing machines or heavier, sturdier transport-focused beasts of burden.  The rewards for breeding dinos are hard-earned, though,  as raising each generation from egg, to hatchling, to adult requires protecting them from every manner of peril in the game’s world.

Ark: Survival Evolved is still scheduled for a June 2016 ID@Xbox release, with a game preview version expected early next year.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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