GTA Online Introduces Lowriders In New Update

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
More content will be making its way to the wonderful world of GTA Online in Grand Theft Auto V as Rockstar has announced a new title update that will be coming very soon to the game. Titled "GTA Online: Lowriders", the title update is a sweet treat for car and customization lovers. Courtesy of Benny's Original Motor Works, an all new custom shop located in downtown Strawberry, players can purchase their very own lowrider and kit it out with a huge range of customization options.

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 01

Using their in-game phone, players can visit Benny's website and pick from a "half-dozen" customizable vehicles. Once purchased and picked up, take your all new lowrider to Benny's customs shop and chop and change the covers and air filters on your engine block, alter your interiors with velour, leather and patterns, add custom colors and designs for your dials, or accessorise with a new steering wheel and custom shift levers. Of course, the option to lift cars with the use of hydraulics will be available too and players will also be able to boost their stereo performance with new speakers and subs.

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 2

For those who like to show off their precious rides, why not meet up with friends (you can trust) and use the Player Interaction Menu to strut your ride's stuff. Whether inside or outside of the car, players can use the Interaction to open the car's doors, hood and trunk.

Everyone's favourite "gang banger" Lamar will also be calling and texting players with a bunch of new Contact missions. If you're running short on weapons and ammo or need to pick up a new piece for Lamar's missions, then players will also be pleased to know that Ammu-Nation will be stocking fully automatic Machine Pistols and Machetes in the new update.

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 3

With more vehicles being added to GTA's Online world, players may be in need of more space. Rockstar has this covered as well as the option to purchase a fourth property will also be available. Lastly, there will be new clothing, hair styles, and accessory options to check out, as well as three new Adversary Modes for the competitive players, and plenty more.

Rockstar has also released a set of new screens showcasing plenty of different and customized lowriders, as well as the lovable Lamar and the new Machine Pistol:

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 4

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 5

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 6

GTAOnline: Lowrider Screens 7

Last, but most certainly not least, a new trailer has also been released as online characters get up to no good with Lamar and wreak havoc on some of the gangs with whom players will be getting into battle:

"GTA Online: Lowriders" will release on the Xbox One in the form of an automatic update on October 20th.
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