Treyarch Addresses Black Ops Glitchers

By II The Beard II, 8 years ago
By now you've probably heard that the multiplayer for Black Ops might not be without its hiccups. Some of you may have also experienced this frustrating phenomenon first hand. An even (hopefully) smaller number of you might have actually executed an exploit or two yourselves, and it's to you fine fellows that Treyarch's multiplayer design director, David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar, has delivered a few choice words.
I'm not going to talk about it publicly. We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags. You better think twice before you glitch. You never know who in your game doesn't like glitchers who reports you and saves the game in their File Share and tells us about it.
It seems Mr. Vonderhaar was bombarded via Twitter with "the same 2 links" to videos (since removed) showcasing that the much maligned "care package glitch" from Modern Warfare 2 had made it into Black Ops. While the punchy director did admit to some "reproducible issues" that they plan on promptly patching, he also debunked any other examples as "old versions" of the game that people were exploiting to "be internet nerd famous."
We said we would support the game. We are going to support it.

The last thing I want is for you to think that because I don't talk about it ... that we don't know or care about it. We didn't spend 2 years of our lives to toss it all in the trash in one day.
No word just yet on exactly when the promised patch will arrive, but it will likely work for both douche-bag and non-douche-bag owned versions of the game.