Rainbow Six Siege Details Seven Key Features

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
The closed beta for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has been and gone, and after a recap filled with interesting comments from the community here at TrueAchievements, Ubisoft has now released new details on a few things we may have missed.

1. Operators create new, strategic possibilities

Only the most elite operators will make up Team Rainbow. Each operator will have a unique gadget function as well as a specific loadout depending on which counter terrorist unit you have recruited them from. Plenty of you will remember the different CTU's we have covered throughout the year, including the British Unit, the FBI and SWAT, and plenty more. Choose from 20 different operators and discover which ones compliment your playing style. There can't be two of the same operator in a match so be sure to plan accordingly with your team before heading into a match.

2. Destruction molds the environment to your advantage

Destruction will play a huge role throughout the game. Players will be able to use breach charges and more on walls, floors and doors to catch their opponents off-guard, set traps when defending objectives, and also create lines of sight that can turn a match around with a few key bullets.

Thanks to the RealBlast engine, surfaces wont simply break the same way as the first time. This means that to a degree, every map will offer a different layout dependent on how players set up their explosive gear in each round.

R6S Screens 01

R6S Screens 2

3. Sound is just as crucial as visual intelligence

Sound can be a forgotten or sometime unappreciated factor in multiplayer games. There's nothing more painful than not hearing your opponent creep up behind you right before they put a killing shot/knife into your back. Players with high awareness, and also a good headset, will be able to take full advantage of the sounds in Siege.

Listen out for footsteps, your opponent reloading their gun, or maybe even rappelling down a rope outside of the building you're trying to defend. Hearing these sounds and reacting accordingly can be the key between life and death and also a win or a loss.

4. Enemy AI archetypes in terrorist hunt keep you on your toes

The AI promise to be the most intelligent enemies yet. Controlled by an AI "Strategy Manager", the AI will react accordingly to the players actions in the game. The enemy will be able to do anything we can do - breaching, fortifying, and rappelling making them very unpredictable and a huge threat on harder difficulties.

R6S Screen 03

5. We’re investing in this game for the long term

By going all-in with a focus on providing a great online multiplayer experience, we made a commitment to treating our game as a service and investing in it for the long term. Our vision was not a game that you’d play through and “beat,” but something you’d come back to time and again and grow with. In order to do that, we will be heavily supporting the game for at least one year with regular balancing and tweaks. New maps will be free for everyone, and we’ll be releasing the full details of our post-launch support soon on the Rainbow Six dev blog.
6. Angela Bassett plays “Six”

We've had the pleasure of checking out an interview with Angela Bassett back in June this year. In case you missed it, Angela is an Academy Award-nominated actress who will be playing the role of "Six", Team Rainbow's commander. Even though there's no fully-fledged single player story mode in Siege, there will be 11 solo missions available called "Situations". Players will be able to get used to the game and also recruit new operators to join your team. Six will be on hand to fill you in with all of the details before the missions begin.

R6S Screens 04

7. We pay close attention to player feedback

Feedback will be a key role in the growth of Siege. Players are welcome to check out the official subreddit and Rainbow Six Siege forums to read up on posts from the staff and players and also make posts and leave comments of their own.

Lastly, we have a new trailer showcasing the different maps and missions to come with plenty of explosions, gunfire and more:

Rainbow Six Siege releases on the Xbox One on December 1st.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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