Halo 5: Guardians Details Advanced Tactics

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Multiplayer Designer, Quinn DelHoyo has dubbed the upcoming multiplayer experience in Halo 5: Guardians as the new set of fangs. These shiny, freshly brushed and flossed fangs come in the form of Halo's new teeth. With all-new Spartan Abilities, maps, weapons, and long-lasting, heavy and competitive multiplayer action to come, developer 343 Industries are sure to be grinning with pride once Halo 5 releases. The designer of the multiplayer himself has released fresh new details on the multiplayer that cover starting weapons, the motion tracker, Spartan Abilities and maps.

During the game's beta period, the team experimented with the different weapons players could spawn with. After gathering plenty of data, feedback from the players, and results of internal discussions about the best weapons for players to spawn with, the team made a decision that wasn't taken lightly. 343 wanted for players to have equal starts regardless of whether they were playing online for fun with friends or squaring off in a huge potentially money-winning tournament. To make sure the starts are equal, 343 decided that the Magnum would be the best choice as it would allow for players to jump into the fight and engage enemies at different ranges. It will still take some skill to kill your enemy from medium to long-range, but at least players wont need to frantically scramble as much for the power weapons.

The motion tracker, which most would refer to as the radar, had been upped to a whopping 30-meter range during the beta. 343 decided that this had too much of a negative impact on the game as players relied on the radar's range too much. The radar can be a massive help but also spoil the fun for those less skilled and with less awareness. As soon as you've shot your weapon or moved to quickly, you've lit up like a Christmas tree on your radar. The high-skilled players will quickly re-position but the weaker player will be too focused on their target or too overly-joyed with their kill. Then you have the pro's, the super-high level players who despite not having a detailed radar, will know exactly where you are in a building from a split-second flash on their radar.

We’ve decided to drastically reduce the range of the radar down to 18 meters. The radar has now become less of a motion tracker that sees through multiple rooms and is now more of a combat tracker that promotes engagement. If someone shows up on your radar, they are REALLY close and a fight is about to go down. This is something that we feel is in line with our equal starts philosophy where everyone at all skill levels and competition will be playing the same game.
Spartan Abilities have been designed to combine well with the level designs in the Campaign, Warzone, and Arena game modes. The possibilities look to be endless as players will undoubtedly discover sweet new play styles that go beyond just the basic functions of the abilities. 343's "Pro Team" has already discovered interesting combinations such as "stabilize jumping, ground pound stalling, and sprint/slide/jump/thrust". All of these features will sure make for some very interesting and exciting matches, clips and montages.

Lastly, and most certainly not least, we also have a new video showcasing all that has just been covered. Check out the video and enjoy a five-minute preview of Spartan Abilities, motion tracking and plenty more:

Halo 5: Guardians remains set for an Xbox One release this Tuesday, October 27th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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