Electronic Super Joy Announced for Xbox One

By Ellis Spice, 4 years ago
Michael Todd Games and LOOT Interactive have announced that their 'M-rated' 2D platformer Electronic Super Joy will be coming soon to the Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. Featuring a soundtrack from EnV, a surreal story featuring Disco Wars and the loss of butts, and regular moans of pleasure, this brutally difficult side-scroller can be difficult to describe succinctly. Thankfully, for this announcement, the developers have also released some screenshots and a new trailer:

Announcement 1

Announcement 2

Announcement 3

Announcement 4

Announcement 5

Announcement 6

Electronic Super Joy will be coming soon to Xbox One with an opportunity to pre-order and five Xbox-exclusive levels.

We've got the full list of Electronic Super Joy achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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