Batman AK - Insider Showcases New Challenges

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Holy "Classic TV Series Pack" Batman! Arkham Insider returns with their ninth episode showcasing a souped-up Batmobile straight out of the 1960s TV series along with a new track and AR challenges for the B-man fans.

In the current episode we get to see the new tongue-in-cheek race track in Batman: Arkham Knight and how it is designed to look like the film set for the Batman television show from the '60s. The developers show how the main challenge here will be maneuvering the newly designed Batmobile since it drives differently from any other version so far. Afterwards they show us Batgirl in a typical AR challenge and explain how some minor changes to the AR challenges have been made.

The "Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Pack" DLC which includes two new tracks and Classic TV Series Catwoman and Robin skins will release on Xbox One this month.
Written by Fierce
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