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By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Developed by gentlymad and published by Headup Games on iOs and Android, In Between is a unique platformer filled with interesting puzzle elements and a very sad story of a man who discovers he has cancer. With only a few weeks to live, the man experiences the five phases of grief, "derived from the Kübler-Ross model".

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Cancer is a very serious issue and can devastate families. With such a powerful subject being covered in the game, gentlymad are hoping that the dark story telling will generate plenty of emotion from players as they have fun with the challenging game.

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The five phases of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) are represented by different gameplay elements that present the player with new challenges. The team behind the title have received plenty of feedback from players of the Steam version of the game and have "reworked" the difficulty, making the game much more enjoyable and allowing players to concentrate more on the "serious and deep story".

Here's a few key features and details on the game:

• A highly emotional interactive story about the last phases of life
• Gameplay mechanics derived from thanatology
• A story focused puzzle platformer
• Challenging four-way gravity alteration

Amongst others, the game has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and as the best upcoming game design at the German Computer Game Awards 2015.
Lastly, we have a set of screens to finish up showcasing more of the environments like the man's home, a school, some of the awards, and more. The launch trailer has also been released showcasing gameplay and preparing iOs and Android users for the puzzling gameplay to come.

In Between Screens 01

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In Between is available now via iOs and Android and will be coming later to consoles.
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