New DLC Announced for The Escapists

By Keith Gray, 2 years ago
The Escapists is a simulation title created by independent development team Mouldy Toof Studios in partnership with publisher Team17, which was released earlier this year under the ID@Xbox publishing program.

Team17 has now announced that new DLC, titled "Duct Tapes Are Forever", will be released to extend the fun in an "exclusive new underground villainous lair" with 6 additional achievements to unlock.

The following synopsis explains that you'll have more than just an underground lair to worry about:
Captured by a heinous villain and trapped in his underground lair, you must use all your spy cunning to sneak into restricted areas and gather the necessary items you’ll need to craft together to pull off your explosive break for freedom!
A selection of media has also been revealed to showcase the new content, including a trailer and screenshots.







"Duck Tapes Are Forever" will be released as a digital download on Xbox One on November 4th, priced at $4.49 / £2.99 / €3.99.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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