Rumor: Bioshock 2 Details!

Firstly, if you want to play Bioshock 2 with no knowledge of the storyline then please stop reading now.

The latest issue of Game Informer has included quite a lot of details regarding Bioshock 2;

You play as Jack Abbott a private investigator searching for one of the girls kidnapped by Big Sister.

Jack won’t be the only one investigating Rapture. At some point in the story, Soviet agents arrive from a submarine, hoping to acquire Adam and use it to gain an advantage over the Americans in the Cold War. Soviet enemies will be much smarter than splicers, using cover and flanking manoeuvres and working in groups. As the game progresses they will begin splicing themselves and be able to use plasmids against you. The Soviets and splicers will fight against each other and the player can use that to their advantage.

Game takes place in 1967, 7 years after the original

A cutscene starts the game off In New York City as Jack intercepts the Big Sister kidnapping his daughter in his beach house. He follows it to the near by shores as it submerges into the water

Epic boss battles and underwater gameplay. Much of Rapture is now flooded and you will need to don a diving suit to explore these areas as well as venture outside Rapture itself. An underwater boss fight was shown with a gigantic squid, which can cloak itself and use its massive tentacles to smash into Rapture and hurl debris. One of the concept artworks hinted at a boss battle with a mutated, spliced rhino in Rapture’s zoo.

Solving the whole Big Sister debate:
- Only one Big Sister (Mastermind of game)

Big Daddies are no longer in the game, but new enemies include dogs and soviets

Some other goodies
- Completely new levels of Rapture, including a fully explorable zoo.
- Underwater exploration levels
- New weapons and plasmids (Including a telepathy and time control
- Challenge maps
- 2 Player co-op. (No mention on who second player is)
- New Health and Revival System

Update: Apparently some of this information is not quite true and we'll have to wait until the official release of Game Informer to see what the magazine has to say about Bioshock 2
Personally one of the features I'm most excited about is being able to play Bioshock 2 in co-op, but overall the whole new story of the game sounds amazing. I really can't wait now!