Star Wars Battlefront Planet Trailer Released

By Andrew Ogley, 2 years ago
With the release date rapidly approaching, DICE has revealed a teaser trailer challenging players to explore the various planets in the game's universe. Whilst we've recently focused on one of the battles, this short clip shows glimpses from each of the environments making up the different battlefields in the upcoming and highly anticipated FPS, Star Wars Battlefront.

Along with the clip, Senior Environment Artist Pontus Ryman has been answering questions regarding the creation of the maps based on the frozen ice planet of Hoth. Firstly, Ryman revealed that he was overwhelmed by the positive response from the community after the recent Beta, and how much the players felt that they were really fighting in the freezing winds of Hoth.

Ryman went on to describe how the team went on a tough research trip visiting the original filming location of Finse in Norway. It was a tough time for the team having to brave blizzards and trudge with their equipment through waist-deep snow, and the unrelenting icy temperatures taking their toll on both the crew and their cameras.

The experience was not wasted as Ryman explained that such weather conditions are captured in the Frostbite engine and have an impact on the game. As players fight through the snowy environments, the snow will gradually build on the character, only to slowly melt away as the player enters a warmer and dryer environment. If there is an explosion close by, then the player will also find themselves showered in even more snow. This is all to add to the immersion in the game, and it's worth noting that a similar effect is achieved with the mud on the planet of Endor.

Finally, Ryman explained that the developers have extended the world that was seen during the film. The team have re-imagined and created ice caves, hangers, and tunnels in the rebel base, all of which will feature in the different game modes within the title.

Star Wars Battlefront will be launching in a galaxy not so far far away on November 19th, 2015.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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