Gears of War Series Backwards Compatibility Dated

By Ashley Woodcock,
It's certainly been an interesting journey for the Gears of War Series. Nine years have passed since the release of the original Gears of War on the Xbox 360, and since then we've continued through the story with more Gears games and then come back around in a full circle back to where it all started at with the remastered Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The Coalition, developers behind the remaster, are celebrating the nine year milestone with a few announcements and new details:

GoW UE Screens 4

First off, the team send a "thank you" out to everyone that's played Gears: Ultimate Edition as 10 million matches have been played already on the game. Imagine how many would have been played across all of the titles available in the series!

GoW UE Screens 01

Continuing to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the original Gears, the team has launched a Double XP event in all available game modes from each playlist which is already in progress and lasts until Tuesday November 11th at 12pm PDT.

Social Playlists' Warzone game mode has been replaced for the weekend by Execution. For those who enjoyed high-rounds of Execution back in the day, the Classic: Execution special event playlist will be worth checking out as the self-revives have been decreased to five seconds, and teams must win 10 rounds to win the match. The special event runs until the end of the weekend so there's only a small amount of time left to try it out.

GoW UE Screens 3

Map rotation has been a small issue since the release of Gears: Ultimate. Not many fans enjoyed the kind-of-awkward matches that came about when playing King of the Hill or Blitz on maps like Bullet Marsh and Rooftops. The Coalition has stated that they will be working on "updating the Playlist Map Rotations in the future" and will be offering fan favourites more often.

Fans of Special Events will be able to take part in these events bi-weekly with the next event being "Brothers to the End". The highly-requested special event will make its debut on November 20th.

Lastly, and most certainly not least, Gears: Ultimate owners who have played the title online since August 25th, 2015, will be receiving their promised collection of Gears titles on the Xbox 360. The Coalition will begin sending out the "tokens" on December 1st but they will be sent out in waves so not everyone will receive their token straight away. Anyone who still owns any of the Gears titles digitally or on discs will be able to get in on the backwards compatibility as soon as the feature itself launches on November 12th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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