Fenix Rage Planning to Change The Game's Name

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
In a shocking and upsetting turn of events for Green Lava Studios, developers behind upcoming platformer Fenix Furia, the team has run into some legal issues with the "Rage" part of the game's name. Green Lava broke the news via their Twitter in a humorous Legal Fluff Edition of the "Tales of Fenix".

Fenix Rage Screen

An unnamed game corporation has claimed specific naming rights to the word "Rage" so for now, Fenix Rage will be known as Fenix 4@93 until the team finds a new name to finalize the game with. Here's a quick FAQ provided by Green Lava that provides more information on the situation:

Q: So, a video game company is copyrighting the word “Rage”?
A: We didn’t say that, but seems that way, yes.

Q: That’s pretty lame, don’t you think?
A: There’s evidently a price for lameness that we can’t afford. But thankfully at Green Lava our awesomeness is relatively inexpensive.

Q: Fenix Ra…, er, your game was pretty awesome, how are you making it more so for PS4 and Xbone?
A: More info about what’s new in the upcoming Fenix game will be announced soon, but we definitely made gameplay tuning changes based on all the great feedback from players.

Q: Do you guys need a hug?
A: We’re OK, but…yes, hugs. And cookies.

Fenix 4@93 was previously planned for an early 2015 release on the Xbox One but is now without a solid release date.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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