Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Announced for Xbox One

By Devin McIntyre,
Publisher Activision have announced that Torn Banner Studios' online medieval-deathmatch game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, will be making it's way to the Xbox One later this year. Chivalry is a game that takes the classic FPS formula and transports it back to the middle ages, where 24 people will be put on the battlefield to besiege castles and raid villages using 60 period-authentic swords, axes, crossbows and more. You'll be able to battle it out in both solo and team-based game modes across 25 different maps.

This port of the game will include a brand new horde game mode for teams of up to six people, and those who purchase it on the Xbox One will get several cosmetic DLC packs, including; the "Barbarian Character Pack," "Marauding Arbiter Pack," "Inquisitive Dreadnaught Bundle" and "Barbarian Weapon Pack." Activision also released a set of screenshots and a reveal trailer to give us a glimpse of the game on the Xbox One:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will be coming to the Xbox One on December 1st.

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Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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