Just Cause 3 Kasabian Trailer

By Ben Crouch, 2 years ago
Imagine driving down a highway in your super fast car on a beautiful sunny day, when all of a sudden bullets start raining down on you from attack helicopters. Before you can take too much action you see them fire missiles towards you. What would be your first response?

If driving the car off a cliff, smashing the car window to climb on top of said car, making your way to another incoming helicopter via grapple hook, and then firing a RPG upside down at a squad of tanks wasn't your response, then fear not! All of this and more is easily obtainable in the new Just Cause 3, along with mega amounts of crazy destruction and carnage.

If you'd prefer to see it in action, click the video below.

Just Cause 3 launches on the December 1st for Xbox One. What's the first crazy thing you plan to do?
Ben Crouch
Written by Ben Crouch
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