Newest Insider for Batman: AK Content

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Scratch what you've got planned for the remainder of the month. Catwoman is returning to Gotham to seek her revenge. In the lastest Arkham Insider episode we get a look at the upcoming content to be added to Batman: Arkham Knight.

In "Catwoman’s Revenge", a story that takes place the day after the events in Arkham Knight, the feline heroine infiltrates a toy factory to take out Riddler's henchmen as payback for what he made her endure during the main campaign's story. The video also shows us a souped up track to race around that is perfect for a sleek looking Batmobile. New Riddler and Robin themed skins for the Batmobile are revealed as well as a look at the latest AR challenge to be mastered.

"Catwoman’s Revenge" and the "2016 Batman v Superman Batmobile Pack" will both be released before the end of the month. To see a full list of all content that will be added or has already been added to Batman: Arkham Knight so far, take a look at the previous article we put out.
Written by Fierce
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