Rock Band 4 Post-Launch Updates Program Revealed

By Keith Gray, 2 years ago
Harmonix has confirmed that it will be offering ongoing support for Rock Band 4 in the form of a "live service" with new content, bug fixes, and other updates being made available as and when they are needed. The publisher/developer has promised to engage with the gaming community to help decide what content to provide or updates are required.

Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak has explained the reason behind the post-launch updates program:
Since we announced back in March, Harmonix has been saying Rock Band 4 will be the only Rock Band game for this console generation. We are thrilled to unveil details of our plan today as the realization of that promise...
Harmonix has revealed that the first update from the "live service" will be available for free from December 8th. The initial update will bring new "Score Challenges" through an activity feed where players can directly compare their scores to that of their friends and compete for high scores. Full details of what will be included in the first update can be found here.

Rock Band 4 is set to receive updates "over the next year and beyond".
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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