ARK: Survival Evolved New Creature Spotlight

By Andrew Ogley, 2 years ago
The folks over at Studio Wildcard are continuing their recent creature reveals for their upcoming dinosaur based sandbox survival title, ARK: Survival Evolved.

This time the studio are introducing a small creature called the Compsognathus, or Compy for short. On their own, the diminutive dinosaur can be friendly, cute and curious around humans. However, get a large group of them together and they can revert back to more carnivorous behavior, turning them into a frighteningly aggressive pack animal.

Additionally, the team is also introducing a powerful high-tech Rocket Turret, homing Sea Mines to aid in water defense, Wall Lamps to light up your ARK home in an aesthetically pleasing manner, persistent Tribe Logs for players to track and monitor their Tribe’s activities and events when they were offline, and a new system for Survivors to design and craft their own unique food and drink recipes.

So far, it all seems very promising but fans will still have to have some patience before they can try their hands at Jurassic survival. ARK: Survival Evolved is due for release on the Xbox One in July 2016.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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