Neverwinter Patch Notes & Free AD Gift

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Astral Diamonds is the in-game currency for Cryptic Studios' Neverwinter. Judging by the changes made in the recently released patch and the offering of free AD to adventurers, it seems as if there has not been enough AD to go around for those looking to fill up their inventory or upgrade their stronghold. Take a look at the recent patch that fixes a few bugs, reduces the cost of upgrades in the game, and more:

• Daily refinement cap increased from 24,000 to 36,000
• +50% to AD for Dungeons, Skirmishes/CTA, and PvP (This includes daily rewards, individual activity rewards, and the limits to total AD earnings allowed)
• +50% to AD for weekly missions.
• Rhix's text updated to match.
• Reductions to companions priced in AD
• Reductions to AD cost to upgrade a companion.
• Astral Resonators now directly grant 40,000 - 50,000 AD, rather than sending players to harvest the same amount. (This only changes gameplay mechanics; reward chances and values are unaffected.)


• Fixed Issue with Stronghold Skyfile.
• Fixed “Inventory Full” / Improper rewards from chests.
• Fixed “Clicking Noise” from Multi-Day Event Hud.
• Fixed occasional Overlapping menus on the Screen Calibration menu.
To further address the AD issues in the game, Cryptic has offered 100,000 AD to any adventurer who has played the game at least once before November 23rd. The 100K offer will only be one per account, so be sure to choose carefully on which of your characters you want to retrieve the offer.

Once you log in with your chosen character, a quest will pop up in which you will need to take your character to Rhix in Protector's Enclave. Upon arriving, Rhix will give you the AD.

There is no deadline for this offer, and it is not affected by the double Astral Diamonds event. So don’t wait for 2x AD, claim your bonus now! We know the Xbox economy is wildly different than that of the PC economy – namely, the fact that AD tasks on Leadership weren’t available for a few years like it was on PC. With everyone receiving 100,000 AD, we hope to introduce a more healthy flow in the economy. This is only a part of the greater AD changes we’re making with the patch today.
The Patch and AD offering is already live in Neverwinter. If you haven't downloaded the update already, you'll be prompted to do so the next time you fire up the game.
Credit for this story goes to Reaver Lion
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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