World of Tanks Update 2.4 Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
The StuG III Ausf. B was Germany's most produced armored fighting vehicle during WWII. One of its features was the ability to serve a dual-role thanks to its capable assault gun and ability to destroy tanks. The StuG has joined the already sweet selection of vehicles in World of Tanks and will have the option of mounting two weapons; the deadly and rapid-firing 75mm L/48, or the highly explosive 105mm L/28 howitzer. Take a look at these two screens showcasing the StuG patrolling the killing fields of WoT:

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 01

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 2

Here's a quick note regarding the new tanks stats:

These notorious StuG III Bs haven't been fully cooperating, so the Tankopedia entry won't appear until the first week of December. This means battles played in the StuG III B won't appear in your player stats for the time being. Thank you for your patience.
After the last update, the map Airfield was put back into the map rotation but with some changes to its terrain. With so many battles taking place on the Airfield, the battlefield has become badly war-torn. Searchlights and anti-aircraft batteries search the skies for potential bombing raids while concrete bunkers look out for any naval action approaching. It's all about your team's strategy in the new looking Airfield as you will be fighting to keep control of vantage points and the other important key spots on the terrain. Give yourself a tactical edge over your opponents in these new screens of the Airfield:

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 3

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 4

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 5

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 6

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 7

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 8

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 9

WoT Update 2.4 Screens 10

There's plenty more to come with update 2.4 as changes are made to training room changes, boosts, and plenty more. Take a look at all details and fixes below:

Update Download Sizes
• Xbox One: Approx. 2.73 GB
• Xbox 360: Approx. 686 MB

New Features

All Platforms

Training Room Changes

• You can now select your desired tiers when creating a Team Training Room!
• We've added a new "Observer" mode to provide you with more exciting spectating during tournaments
• Please note that this feature is currently reserved for official tournaments. It will be added for players in the future


• A new type of Store package is available: Boosts. Boosts are purchasable multipliers you can select in your Operations tab at your convenience. Optimize your experience!

Xbox 360

• Show off and share your post-battle results to Facebook directly from the results screen
• An new button was added to the Store to access downloadable content

New HD Map

• Airfield - War!

New Vehicle

• StuG III Ausf. B (tier IV German tank destroyer)

Major Changes

All Platforms

• Recon Range bar renamed to View Range
• New Premium and Elite benefits description in the tech tree
• Tech tree tanks on sale will now display the discount percentage next to the tank
• The flow for purchasing tanks and packages has changed to be more streamlined:
• Redundant dialog boxes removed
• The purchase confirmation dialog now occurs immediately after research
• The "tank celebration" now occurs immediately after tank purchase
• Several upcoming Premium tanks are available to try out in the following Practice modes: "Target Practice," "Driving Practice," and "Live Fire Practice"

Additional Changes

All Platforms

• The exclusion filter icon is now an "X" instead of one slash
• "Click to zoom" is now hidden in Sniper view when fully zoomed in
• Trees on Severogorsk were updated to match the winter setting
• The tank filter will not appear if the player owns less than seven tanks
• Reduced the repair cost of the Bat-Chat 155 58 based on player feedback
• Post-Battle Results now displays the current progression of Marks of Excellence
• De-mounting complex equipment with Gold will now display the exact Silver refund

Bug Changes

All Platforms

• By popular request, the radio squelch SFX is no longer audible when VO volume is turned all the way down
• If tanks are destroyed by fire or ramming, their turrets now have proper collision in their destroyed state
• Gamma adjustment image is now the same in the menu and the initial set up
• Fixed an issue where players could reach an unintended area of Siegfried Line at F7
• Fixed a rare issue where gun audio would cut out
• Fixed double Silver picto showing in confirm purchase window and camo confirm purchase window
• Fixed negative Free Experience numbers showing in the tech tree if no tank was able to be researched
• Fixed overlapping celebrations if users progressed through tank purchase too quickly
• Rich presence information properly reflects the player's state within the "World of Tanks Attack!" minigame
• The attacking team’s spawn points on Severogorsk are now properly labeled as "1-2-3" instead of "1-2-2."
• Severogorsk: Fixed collision on the bridge at H6; Fixed LoD models on certain warehouse buildings to show the proper destruction state
• The time limit on training levels is now 20 minutes, as it says in the description
• Fixed a lock-up that would occur when trying to view a tank's medals as it returned to the Garage
• Ruinberg - War!: Blocked off a restricted area near H4, E2, and B3 that players could be pushed into
• Murovanka: Fixed collision on a house at F6
• Erlenberg: Blocked an area near G2 where players could get stuck
• "Hold here, we're capturing the base" VO will now only play if the player is capturing a base
• Fixed Russian localization for "Team Destruction" while in Team Training
• "Click to zoom" button icon now properly changes if the controller scheme is changed while in a match
• On the tank detail screen, "Enhanced Springs" is now using the proper icon
• Fixed stage medal award descriptions in all languages, other than English, to show the class requirements
• Fixed an issue where Active Ops would be hidden in the Garage after switching game modes
• Fixed Russian translation for Proving Ground description
• Long gamertags with long Clan names will now scroll in Team Training rooms and the "Efficiency" tab of the Post-Battle Results
• M4A3E8, M4A3E8 Fury, T29: Fixed name of default AP ammo
• Tundra: Fixed destruction audio for various vehicle objects
• Launcher music will no longer play while the minigame is being played
• Corrected the elite vehicle bonus description on tanks
• The "Stats" tab now displays percentages in the descriptions for Mark of Excellence in languages other than English
• Fixed some missing characters in the Gold purchasing screen in Traditional Chinese
• Severogorsk: Fixed some floating stumps located at G6, A8, 9B-9D
• Premium time left (under 24 hrs.) is more accurate
• Increased emblem sizes on T37, T49, M41 Bulldog, LTTB, T-54 ltwt

Xbox One

• Fixed rare issue where players could get stuck in complete darkness in night maps
• Freedom: Fixed the missing animated flag
• Fixed invisible destroyed model on the T-34-2 turret
• Download progress bar properly updates when the download is complete
• Fixed a disconnect issue at the game mode select screen
• Network traffic indicator animates properly in the launcher while downloading
• South Coast: Fixed rock collisions at D8
• Siegfried Line: Fixed collision of rubble pile at F8
• Tundra: Fixed rock collisions at F5, F7, E4 and E8
• Fixed a rare crash during disconnects
• Obj. 430 II: Fixed distant gun audio
• M103: Fixed turret model smoothing

Xbox 360

• Fixed an issue in the launcher where some players would have to wait 30+ seconds for the news to load
• Fixed track repair VO that was not playing sometimes
• Fixed message displayed when the game is launched with a LIVE profile signed in
• LTTB: Fixed texture seam near turret when camo is applied
• T37: Fixed camo on upgraded turret gun mantlet
• M3 Lee: Fixed collisions for viewports
• VK3601H, T37 & M41 Walker Bulldog: Fixed wobbly wheels
Update 2.4 is already live in both World of Tanks and World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. If you haven't already downloaded the update, you will be prompted to do so the next time you start the game.
Credit for this story goes to Xystra
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