Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. Murders Dev Diary

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
Artefacts Studio has released the first of three behind the scenes videos, detailing the development of Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. MURDERS. Hercule Poirot of the Belgian detective force is sent a letter announcing an as-yet-to-be-committed murder, while the killer taunts him, starting a search across England for the killer.

Using crime scene observation, witness questioning, situational clue usage, and puzzle solving, players will attempt to unravel the mystery of the murders. Periodically, mandatory question sequences will ensue where players will have to answer questions about the murders and suspects. At case’s conclusion, players must piece together the timeline of the murder. Check out the video below along with a couple of screenshots.



Agatha Christie – The A.B.C. Murders releases in early 2016 on Xbox One.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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