WRC 5 Developers Detail First Patch

By Ellis Spice, 2 years ago
Following the recent release of WRC 5, developers Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn have received feedback from players on what can be improved and fixed in the rallying title. Thanks to this feedback the game will be getting an update on December 4th, which is set to fix minor bugs, make minor improvements and improve steering wheel compatibility.

Here are the full notes for this upcoming patch:

• D-Pad can be used for steering.
• Add option to configure steering wheel rotation angle.
• Wheel max angle set in real time when modifying value in menus.
• Fix UI actions not being bound on steering wheels.
• Microsoft FFB API integrated, should work on every wheel that is Xbox One compatible.

Gameplay corrections:
• Penalty system changed: Penalty is no more a 30s malus on the first mistake but is now a smaller cumulative time malus.
• SS2 Monte Carlo time corrected: this stage is now easier to win.
• Force feedback bug fix when going in reverse.
• Disable co-driver shock voice event.
• Pad vibrations are stronger and redesigned
• Respawn system correction: to avoid exploits, « back on track » system now teleports on the last road section left and not the closest.
• Sound enhancements: more drifts / public / surfaces feedback.

• Crash fix with non-ASCII characters in nickname / multiplayer name.
• Fix Chardonnet helmet.
• End replay bug fix: rankings do not change anymore when replay is finished.
• Vehicle and Copilot sounds bug fix after a replay.
WRC 5 is available now for the Xbox One, with the patch set to arrive on December 4th.
Credit for this story goes to AtlantisRhythm
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