EA's Create "Living Art" Trailer

By Perpalicious, 8 years ago
The amount of serene, laid-back, casual type games--like Braid--have been lacking on the Xbox 360. And why not? The "blast them to pieces" mentality generates some serious cash flow. But there's a game out there that might tickle the fancy of the gamer looking for a relaxing and creative experience.

Create, EA's new casual game, gives the gamer a "limitless experience" by providing an innumerable amount of possible creations. The gamer can solve puzzles and unlock rewards by creating "living art." If you've never heard of the game then here's the breakdown from EA:

In Create, use your creativity and imagination to unlock a world of play!

Create tracks your creativity and rewards you for it. The more you create, the more you unlock rewards and exciting challenges to play, opening a world of fun as you go.

Let your imagination run wild, as you create cool environments with easy-to-use tools, including animating objects, textures, and designs that bring your scene to life!

It's a limitless experience of creative expression paired with exciting and even wacky challenges that have you thinking on your feet to come up with creative solutions.
If you have a hard time imagining what this game looks like then here is Create's new trailer named (rightfully so) "Living Art":

Unfortunately, the trailer is missing some necessary game-play features such as puzzle solving or completion of challenges. There is a remedy, of course, but it is in the Wii trailer of the game:

Create is set to launch in North America at the price of $39.99 on Tuesday, November 16th. For the UK, the game is set to be released on Friday, November 19th at the price of £24.99 (according to GAME).

If you're interested in seeing more of the game then check out the external link below.