Lichdom Battlemage Features and Release Date

By Fierce, 2 years ago
This past summer Maximum Games revealed a full cinematic trailer for their upcoming FPS, Lichdom Battlemage. Coming in a few months after their original holiday season expectation, they are now ready to announce an actual release date.

Lichdom: Battlemage is said to be a unique first-person experience in that there will be no guns, no swords, nor any weapons of any kind. You will get and need to use magic as your only form of weaponry as you embark on a journey of adventure and vengeance against an evil overlord named Shax. According to Maximum Games' CEO, Christina Seelye, the game will feature a ton of action with some RPG elements as well.

Lichdom 2

The developer has also revealed some important game features of note:

•Robust spell-crafting system with 8 main sigils from which to craft thousands of spells
•Customizable play style: choose your crafting technique and combat strategy
•Fierce battles with armies of undead within varied landscapes and battle arenas
•Explosive, fast-paced action in the vein of first-person shooters
•Multiple opportunities to collect extra loot from fallen enemies
The spell-casting will begin when Lichdom: Battlemage is finally released on March 22 for Xbox One.
Written by Fierce
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