Latest Need For Speed Update Detailed

By Andy Mills, 2 years ago
There's a new update for Need for Speed and it is adding a fair bit to the game, so let's get down to the details.

First up, Eddie - an old enemy all the way back from Need For Speed: Underground - is making his way to Ventura Bay alongside Melissa. You'll be able to compete in a series of events before facing off against Eddie himself, with an opportunity to win his Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec.

Next up, there's 113 new customization items being added across six new cars. Those six cars are as follows:

Dodge Challenger SRT8Dodge Challenger SRT8

1965 Ford Mustang1965 Ford Mustang

Honda Civic Type-RHonda Civic Type-R

Lotus Exige SLotus Exige S

Volkswagen Golf GTIVolkswagen Golf GTI

Volvo 242Volvo 242

Third is a lot of music from older titles that is coming to the game. The titles range from the very first The Need For Speed to the relatively recent Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Aquila 303 – The Need for Speed (1994)
Overheated – The Need for Speed (1994)
Scud – The Need for Speed (1994)
Toxic Exhaust – The Need for Speed (1994)
Menu – NFS II (1997)
Romulus 3 – NFS II (1997)
Sirius 909 – NFS III Hot Pursuit (1998)
Callista - NFS Road Challenge / High Stakes (1999)
Quantum Singularity – NFS 4 Road Challenge / High Stakes (1999)
The Good, The Bad, The Eddie – NFS Underground (2003)
Intro Song – NFS Underground 2 (2004)
The Baddest – NFS Underground 2 (2004)
I Am Rock – NFS Most Wanted (2005)
Belt – NFS Carbon (2006)
Hard Drivers – NFS Carbon (2006)
Induction Kit - NFS Carbon (2006)
Decalomania – NFS Pro Street (2007)
Dampener Rod – NFS Pro Street (2007)
Bezel – NFS Pro Street (2007)
Continuing with the look back at older games, a bunch of wraps that are inspired by previous games will be heading to Need For Speed.

Chad – Toyota Supra SZ-R
Samantha – Honda Civic Type-R

Underground 2
Rachel – Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 1999
Caleb – Ford Mustang 1965

Most Wanted
Big Lou - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
JV – Dodge Viper SRT
Sonny – Volkswagen Golf GTI
Kira – Mercedes-AMG GT
Taz - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Webster – Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Victor – Toyota Supra SZ-R
Baron – Porsche Cayman GT4
Ronnie – Mercedes-AMG GT
Ming – Lamborghini Aventador
Jade – Ford Mustang GT
Izzy – Mazda RX7 Spirit R
Razor – Ford Mustang GT
Earl - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR

Angie – Dodge Challenger SRT8

Pro Street
Karol Monre – Ford Mustang GT
Nate Denver – Ford Mustang Boss 302
Ray Krieger – BMW M3 E92
Rayo – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Over 200 new decals are being added to the game; here's a look at 10 of them below.
Decals in Need For Speed

The maximum REP level will also increase from 61 to 70, with one of the aforementioned decals being unlocked at each level.

Three new achievements have been added, all of which tie in to the new content.

Need for SpeedZero To HeroThe Zero To Hero achievement in Need for Speed worth 232 pointsWin an event in Eddie's Car
Need for SpeedEddie Is BackThe Eddie Is Back achievement in Need for Speed worth 209 pointsComplete Eddie's Challenge
Need for SpeedHit The CeilingThe Hit The Ceiling achievement in Need for Speed worth 384 pointsReach REP Level 70
Finally, a bunch of smaller changes, like more collectibles, customisable brake discs and calipers, more daily challenges and general bug fixes and improvements, are on the way.

You may be wondering when all of this is coming to Need For Speed. Well, I've got good news for you. The "Legends" update launches today, December 9th.
Credit for this story goes to Spilner
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