Trials HD Big Thrills Winners Announced

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
You may recall that earlier in the year, players of Trials HD were invited to create their own tracks using the editor built into the game for the chance to win some sizeable cash prizes and other bits and bobs.

Today the winners have been picked from a group of entrants reported to be around three thousand strong. The top three winners are:

1st Place: DrittesAuge - $5,000, sweatshirt and flag
2nd Place: nannerdw - $3,000, sweatshirt and flag
3rd Place: xIRON WARLORDx - $1,000, sweatshirt and flag
There are a bunch of runners-up, too, (covered on the official contest website) bringing the total number of winners up to ten. But let's get to the truly important bit of news! How does this affect the upcoming Trials HD DLC?

Well, all ten of these winning tracks will be making an appearance in the "Big Thrills!" DLC as a drop in the ocean of the forty new tracks which will be introduced to the game. To say this is a highly anticipated release is an understatement with this news generating a lot of interest when we originally covered it back in July!

Here are the exact details on the DLC:

You can play these 10 winning designs plus 30 tracks created by RedLynx on December 1st in the Big Thrills! add-on for Trials HD. This pack of 40 tracks, 6 tournaments, and 50 Gamerscore is only 400 Microsoft Points®.
That's a serious DLC bargain for an XBLA smash hit with one million sales under its belt. Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx, said that this competition and the DLC was a way to 'say thank you' to the fans. So, don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Check out the external link below if you'd like to check out the screenshots of the contest winners and the tracks which will have you cursing and raging all over again come December.