Kinect Cameras Opened Up To 3D Video Capture

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
When Microsoft said that Kinect had a number of hardware approaches in place to make Kinect more difficult to break into and put to new purposes, either they were lying, or their procedures weren't as difficult to circumvent as they initially thought.

The latest news out of the Kinect 'hacking' camp is that of a user managing to enable a standard camera and a depth vision camera from Kinect to enable the capture of 3D video and imagery from the device.

Here's a video via which better explains exactly what has been achieved:

As you can see, by interposing the data from both camera feeds, it is possible to create a rudimentary 3D video with some obvious limitations. However, the chap responsible for unleashing this from within the Kinect hardware, Oliver Kreylos, has managed to enable Kinect as a 3D measuring device as shown in another video from his Youtube account:

With these kinds of breaks coming out now early into Kinect's life cycle, we may be able to expect some quite extraordinary developments as the hardware is put to more uses and perhaps combined with other existing hardware.