Cosmochoria Is Coming To Consoles Next Year

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
If you're a regular user of the Steam platform then you may have come across a well-received and addictive arcade adventure experience known as Cosmochoria from developer Nate Schmold. The "roguelite space exploration" title puts players in the shoes, or feet in this case, of a naked spaceman on a mission to "terraform a dead and derelict galaxy back to life". Thanks to publisher Curve Digital, Nate Schmold's adventure will be making its way to the Xbox One where console players will be able to battle alien invaders, discover secrets of the universe, and "nurture planet vegetation" to bring planets back to life.

Cosmocharia Art 1

The game looks to be challenging but relaxing at the same time as players will cruise through never-ending space. No two galaxies will be the same so there will always be fresh discoveries to make wherever you may go. However, don't expect to be welcomed with open arms as the alien species living on the planets will be keen to defend their territory and will do so aggressively. It's going to be a bumpy ride for players at the start, but once you become used to the "quirky" mechanics and "deep upgrade systems", players will begin to find battling enemies a little bit easier and will be more confident when voyaging to the far reaches of space.

Cosmocharia Art 2

The demand for a console version of the title has been pretty heavy according to developer Nate Schmold:

The fans of the game have been asking me for the console version for months and it feels great to finally let the naked spaceman out of the bag. We have been listening to community feedback and have been tweaking the game here and there so you can be sure that the console versions will be the ultimate Cosmochoria experience.
Here are some of the key features that players can expect to experience when the game releases on the Xbox One:

• Procedurally-generated galaxies so no one play through will ever be the same.
• Hand drawn and crafted HD vector illustration style.
• Thrilling interstellar alien and boss battles.
• Fresh electronic soundtrack by Ilkae, Zebra and Mantrakid.
• Single player, high score gameplay with vast cartoon space exploration.
• Full achievement and trophy support for consoles.
Curve Digital's Managing Director Jason Perkins is fully aware that the Xbox One is desperately in need of a naked spaceman:

Cosmochoria is the kind of game that you get completely lost in and before you know it, hours have passed. We think the console audience needed more relaxing, naked space adventures so we are thrilled to be working alongside Nate to make sure it happens.
Take a look at the new set of screens showcasing the colourful and exciting action to come in the game:

If you'd like a video-sample of the gameplay then take a look at this PS4 confirmation trailer that sees the naked man doing what he does best as the Steam version receives positive comments from other game reviewers:

Cosmochoria will be releasing on the Xbox One in Q1 2016.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Cosmochoria achievements.
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