Holiday Update for Battlefield 4

By Cindy Minguez, 2 years ago
The crew behind Battlefield 4 have put out the details on their Holiday Patch, aka Legacy Operations, a huge undertaking of which the primary focus is the Classic Map Project, Dragon Valley 2015. Begun way back before Christmas of last year, the project is finally done! The team chose the Dragon Valley map from Battlefield 2 because it fit what they were looking for as far as vehicular play, and they believed (correctly) that it would stand up well to a face lift using Frostbite.

The original Conquest Assault has been cut back from ten flags to eight in order to slow the pace down and retain much of the feel of the original.

Several game modes are supported in Dragon Valley 2015:

~Conquest Large/Small
~Air Superiority
~Domination (Noshahr Area)
~Team Death Match (Noshahr Area)
~Gun Master (Noshahr Area)
~Squad Death Match (Noshahr Area)
For the first time, Classic Rush will be coming to Dragon Valley. Rush was first featured on a larger scale in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and will be playable in Dragon Valley with a five-step layout.

This massive patch features fixes in all of these areas:
--General Fixes
--Game Modes
--Weapons and Gadgets
--Infantry Anti-Air
--Adaptive Network and Bandwidth Control
--Maps --> Operation Outbreak and Operation Locker

Another map selected for a make-over as part of the project was Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3, a very popular Team Death Match map.

For some great before and after pics and the full 17 pages of fix details (yep, 17 pages!!), check it out here.

The Legacy Operations Holiday Patch for Battlefield 4 is now live (and free!).
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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