Overwatch Talks Progression Rewards

By Devin McIntyre, 2 years ago
Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down to discuss the evolution and future plans for the progression reward system in Overwatch: Origins Edition. In the developer update, he gave insight into two previous attempts they had in making a progression system that would work for the game, including the ability to customize your heroes' abilities as you level and to unlock cosmetic upgrades for individual heroes. Both ideas were scrapped, however, because they took away from the competitiveness of the game and caused people to focus on playing a single character in order to gain levels as opposed to playing the best character for each situation.

Kaplan went on to say that they hope to come up with a light reward system that would essentially reward you for continuously playing the game but, at the same time. would not skew the nature of the game itself. He also mentioned that the Overwatch team hope to have this idea ready and implemented into the game for their next beta that is set to begin sometime early next year. All this and more is discussed in the following developer update:

Overwatch does not yet have a set release date, but it is expected to come to the Xbox One in Spring of 2016.
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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