Story Mode Teaser For The Long Dark

By Andy Mills, 2 years ago
Hot on the heels of yesterday's update to The Long Dark, developer Hinterland Studio has detailed a major part of the game going into 2016 - Story Mode.

The first episode of Season One of Story Mode will release at the same time the full game does and will contain roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay as an addition to the many possible hours contained in Sandbox Mode. The rest of Season One will then release across the rest of 2016 in episodes 2-3 hours in length with the expected playtime of the first season to be somewhere between 10-12 hours.

Season One of The Long Dark's story will have two playable characters, bush pilot Will MacKenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood with their different perspectives provided as the game alternates between the two.

The Long Dark's core gameplay mechanics in Story Mode will remain mostly similar to those in Sandbox although a few alterations have been made. One such change is that the Sandbox's permadeath system will be replaced by a progress-based save system. There will also be two features in Story Mode that are currently not in Sandbox Mode: Survivors and The Aurora. In addition, while most of the Story Mode will use the existing Sandbox world, 25%-30% of the mode will be in entirely new areas.

Finally, Kickstarter backers and Game Preview owners will receive Story Mode automatically as the launch of which will mark the end of The Long Dark's time in Game Preview. To reflect the new content and finished state of the game, the price will rise after this launch.

Story Mode - and subsequently the full release of The Long Dark - is currently scheduled to launch in Spring 2016.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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