Neverwinter Releases Winter Events Schedule

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Despite the cold, wet, windy and miserable weather we've had and are sure to continue to have this holiday season, Cryptic Studios, developer behind Neverwinter look to give their fans a reason to stay warm indoors with the announcement of their busy Winter Schedule. The schedule will contain special events that will reward players with double XP and more. Gamers will also be able to get their hands on free gifts too.

Neverwinter Winter Schedule Screens 01

The first double rewards event will offer "2x AD/RP/XP/Enchants & Runes" from December 21st at 10am (PST) until December 29th at 9:59am (PST). As soon as this event ends, another one begins with "2x Seals/Guild Marks/Glory/Profession Resources" from December 29th at 10am (PST) until January 4th 2016 at 9:59am (PST)

Neverwinter Winter Schedule Screens 2

Lastly, we have the schedule for the free items that will be on offer which players will need to claim from the Zen Market:

Neverwinter Winter Schedule Screens 3

Day -- Item

Thursday, 12/24 -- Blood Ruby

Friday, 12/25 -- Winter Wolf Mount

Saturday, 12/26 -- Neverember Guard Companion

Sunday, 12/27 -- Bag of Holding

Monday, 12/28 -- 5x Scroll of Life

Tuesday, 12/29 -- Stone of Health

Wednesday, 12/30 -- Dragon Slayer Glyph

Thursday, 12/31 -- Courtesan Fashion

Friday, 1/1 -- Neverwinter Vanguard Pack
The first of the events in Neverwinter kicks off next Monday on December 21st.
Credit for this story goes to Kawaii Bod
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