More Black Friday Deals

By Keith Gray, 8 years ago
In line with the other Black Friday deals which we have highlighted recently (involving Walmart and Target) as well as a Best Buy's edition, it's only fair to let Amazon in on the act!

Amazon US have started a 'Prelude to Black Friday' today. This is scheduled from November 14th - 22nd. There is a different, special deal planned for every day of the Prelude. In addition, the site is also offering a bonus in the form of 'lightning' deals every couple of hours.

The actual Black Friday event itself will take place between Nov 22nd and 26th. As yet, no details have been made public about the deals which will be available during that week, but we wanted to give a heads-up nonetheless.

Members who reside in the UK will be glad to hear that they will be treated to great deals as well, in the week commencing Nov 22nd, as explained at

We're bringing Black Friday Deals Week to the website, so our customers will be able to take advantage of some unbelievable deals throughout the week
Likewise to its US counterpart, the UK site does not divulge further details regarding the upcoming deals.

You can count on us to keep you informed!
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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