World of Tanks Update 2.5 Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
It's been a cold, wet and windy winter this year (here in the UK at least), but things are about to get heated up on the battlefields of World of Tanks with some new goodies included in Update 2.5: Winter Destroyers.

Six new Stalwart Sharpshooters will be available to purchase in the new update. Some of the tanks, such as the British tank destroyer, offer more armor and firepower then they do mobility. This makes for a strong and heavy-hitting tank but can be rendered almost useless as most certainly destroyed in certain scenarios that require quick repositioning or movement. The new tanks look to offer adaptability and precision so you can catch your enemies off guard and not leave them with much of a chance to strike back. Take a look at the new tanks in this set of screens:

Each tank promises to be agile and packing serious firepower. Besides the tier V Archer, each of the tanks will also be equipped with turrets to make taking out moving targets a potential cake-walk. For the really enthusiastic tank drivers, check out more details for each of the new tanks below:

Archer (tier V)
Achilles IC (tier VI)
Challenger (tier VII)
Charioteer (tier VIII)
FV4004 Conway (tier IX)
FV4005 Stage II (tier X)

The patch also brings new changes, bug fixes, a new tank and plenty more to both variations of the title s well as separate fixes to each version. Check out the full list of patch details below:

Download Sizes
Xbox One: ~4.4 GB | Xbox 360: ~98 MB title update + 398 MB

New Features
All Platforms

New tier I tank, T22 Prototype

• Given to new players upon login
• Can be acquired in the Tech Tree by all players
• Leads to the M2 Light and T2 Medium

New Initial Player Experience:

The Initial Player Experience feature introduces new players to gameplay basics in PvE battles and advanced concepts in the Garage. Players can easily opt-out of this feature from the pause menu at any time and experienced players will not see this feature.

15-versus-15 Skirmish Proving Grounds added to the following:

• Mines, Mines - Rain, Province, Province - Night

New Flags:

• Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Yorkshire, England, City of London, Edinburgh

Host ability to set Spectator tanks in Team Training:

• Host of the Training Room can assign the role of Spectator to the players of their choosing

New interactive loading screens

New British Tank Destroyers:

• Archer (tier V)
• Achilles IIC (tier VI)
• Challenger (tier VII)
• Charioteer (tier VIII)
• FV4004 Conway (tier IX)
• FV4005 Stage 2 (tier X)

Major Changes

All Platforms

• Thanks to feedback, we've changed the flow of Team Training so players will join a room first, see what tanks are in the lobby, then select a tank

• Severogorsk - Encounter: Moved spawn points to integrate artillery into the two spawn groups

• Unique sound effects added for Manual and Automatic Fire Extinguishers on use

Additional Changes

All Platforms

• New Proving Grounds training tanks:
- German Stug IV in Target Practice
- Chinese T-34-3 in Driving Practice
- British Matilda Black Prince in Live Fire Practice
• New thunder and lightning effects on Live Oaks
• Animated attachments added to: M24 Chaffee, SU-100, AT-15
• Currently selected server now shows on the launcher under Server Select button

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

• KV-1: Fixed appearance of Marks of Excellence
• StuG III: Fixed incorrect gun audio
• News section of the launcher now scrolls smoothly
• Airfield - War!: Fixed some ambient audio that was playing before the map was loaded
• Port: Fixed hydrant audio loop
• On-fire audio synced better with on-fire VFX
• Various audio fixes to destructible objects
• Team Training battles are now properly categorized in the "Log" tab
• Fixed Gold and Silver pictures in various purchase dialogues
• Fixed Russian localization for the Object 263 shortened name
• Fixed Russian translation for "Unowned"
• Fixed German translation for "Synchronizing Equipment..."
• Fixed Russian translation for the Popel Medal description
• Fixed German localization for Team Training: "2 player minimum"
• Fixed Team Training info being shown in the Garage after leaving Team Training
• Fixed double item highlight in Team Training room options
• Players in Platoons can now access the filter, favorites, and upgrades while the Platoon leader is still in battle
• Fixed Canadian territory flags displaying too small in the reel
• Province: Added better collision to the balcony so faster tanks can't bust on through
• Airfield - War!: Removed a building that was getting players stuck
• Erlenberg: Fixed floating debris at F6
• Himmelsdorf: Added better collision to the castle walls to prevent entering the interior
• Lakeville: Added better collision to destroyed building so that players can't be pushed inside
• Ensk/Ensk - War!/Ensk - Encounter: Slightly moved flag base that was clipping with the central fountain object

Xbox One

• Panther/M10: Fixed tracks clipping into fender
• VK 36.01H: Fixed tracks clipping into fender
• T7 Combat Car: Fixed tracks clipping into rear wheel
• Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf H: Fixed destroyed turret texture
• Sherman Fury: Fixed destroyed texture
• KV-1S: Fixed textures and clipping in destroyed model
• Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger P: Fixed gun barrel collision and Marks of Excellence; Fixed hatch placement to eliminate a model gap
• IS-3: Fixed camo tiling
• Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I: Track teeth placed correctly

Xbox 360

• Sherman Fury: Fixed animated attachment clipping on the rear of the tank
• SU-76I: Fixed camo pattern on some parts of the tank
• AMX Chaffee: Fixed camo incorrectly applying destroyed tank parts
• T37: Fixed camo on the upgraded turret
• T49: Fixed camo appearing on the interior of gun barrels
• Panther 8.8 mit L/71: Fixed camo appearing on wheels
• Fixed an issue where a Facebook post can take a screenshot before the battle results have come in
• Tundra: Fixed terrain texture seam at C6
Lastly, a community mission has been successfully completed during the holiday period meaning that new tanks have been added to the premium store as a reward for the communities efforts.

"Arty the Elf" was on a mission to get his hands on the M56 Scorpion. Having failed, the M56 has been added to the store. While gamers were eagerly thwarting Arty's plans, a new vehicle was developed to counter the threat which players will also be able to check out too now - the T28 Concept.

Lastly, as a "special thank-you from Santa", anyone who takes their favourite tank for a spin will receive the German Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D, a "special New Year's gift tank" that comes with its own Garage slot.

The patch for World of Tanks is live right now. Be sure to fire up the game, download the update if you haven't already and grab your free goodies!
Credit for this story goes to Spilner
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